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We’re Solar Powered!

Double Decker Lanes is the first bowling center in the nation to utilize a solar photovoltaic system for its electrical needs. The system is designed by 3rd Rock Systems of South San Francisco. It connects directly to the existing power grid and offsets demand from the grid, especially during the peak daytime hours and summer months, when electricity is most expensive.

The 250 Kilowatt system consists of 1428 roof-mounted solar panels manufactured by Sharp Electronics. Covering more than 25,000 square feet, the system is one of the largest in California and produces nearly 400,000 KwH yearly. That is approximately 70 percent of the electricty needed to operate the center.

A system of this size will spare the environment from over 14 millon pounds of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, sulfur dioxide and other smog-causing pollutants over its lifetime.

Double Decker Lanes is proud to be using this cutting-edge technology and has generated tremendous public support and goodwill in the community.


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